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At Adam’s, our bakery is in full swing on a daily basis. We offer a wide range of freshly baked goods daily, using top quality ingredients, and a full dose of love.



Bagels are the heart and soul of Adam's.

We were founded as a bagel shop, and to this day produce fresh bagels daily in a variety of flavor and spice combinations.

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A Basket of Bagels


Breads of all sorts can be found at Adam's, and are right in line with our "fresh daily" ethos.

From whole wheat to multi-grain, coconut bake to olive loaf, we have a wide range.

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Long Wholebreads
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Cookies are a delicious ending to any meal.

Join us at Adam's and top-off your lunch with our fresh chocolate chip or oatmeal and raisin cookies.

On the move? Grab a fresh cup to go.

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Cookies On A Platter
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Need a quick fix for a Saturday afternoon snack? Come by and sample our wide variety of savory items.

From pies to pastelles, you're guaranteed to brighten up your table.




Satisfy your sweet tooth with our wide range of tasty deserts.

Our sweet-selection ranges from authentic, homemade Arabic snacks like baklava, to brownies and cookies.

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And A Whole Lot More…

We have a wide range of delicious treats, and the above is only the frosting on the cake. Come in and take a look, fill up your goody bag, and leave happy.

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